Colonel David Hancock (MBE)


"...the weak link in the dog/human relationship is most often the human...it appears that humans are finally on their way to completing domestication and commodification of the dog itself...created and maintained for human possessiveness. Among some social groups, the dog is little more than a biological doll."

From 'How the Dog Became the Wolf' by Mark Derr, (Duckworth Overlook, 2012)


Here you will find articles,books, images and letters concerning the domestic dog, mainly sporting dogs but pastoral ones too. In the Archive, there are also over 600 articles written over 30 years in many different magazines in the UK and abroad.




The Kennel Club Library at 10 Clarges Street in London now houses David Hancock's personal research library, comprising 640 books - many of then rare, most now out of print, 5,000 images, 30 scrapbooks and papers covering over 30 years of diligent research on wide-ranging canine matters. Access is through the Library and Collections Manager at the Kennel Club.




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